Please email me directly for any questions regarding my appearances.  I will gladly discuss any price issues

My work description
Singing and Sanshin Performances

I can perform in any settings such as a Festival, big and small celebrations. I can sing many local favorites and I am sure to create a lively performance! I always end with the wonderful Kachaashii and get everyone going!

Emcee for receptions and various events

I have done many weddings and the picture above is with one of the couples I Emceed for. I also had my own radio show for many years. I can accommodate many types of events to fit your needs. Please contact me anytime!

Uchinaaguchi(Okinawan Language) Lessons/Lecture

I can teach/lecture about Uchinaaguchi (Okinawan Language) and will accommodate your time requirements. I can tailor your needs to Junior High School, Senior High School, College and other Institutions. Please feel free to contact me and discuss further!

Uchinaa (Okinawan) Culture and American Uchinaa Discussions

I have made many speeches regarding the gBeauty of Uchinaaguchih and gLetfs love the Okinawan Cultureh to many Junior and Senior High Schools, Universities and Companies. I also talk about the gAmerican Unchinaanchuh like I do in my columns. Discussions regarding the Ainu and Ryukyu minority issues are one of my topics. I would like the Japanese people to understand that there are many minorities living within them in their society. I welcome any schools and media to discuss this important issue. Please email me anytime.


I can write anything regarding the Uchinaa (Okinawan) issues. I also write scripts for NHK. Translation from Japanese to Uchinaaguchi is also my specialty.

From April to December of 2008, I was in charge of writing for the gBryon nu Aha Uchinaaguchih column. You can listen to all 34 translated version of the articles I have written. Please go to

I have also written for a section in the Okinawa Joho monthly magazine called gUchinaaguchi Arin Kurin.h

I currently write the script for the NHK Televisionfs gUchinaa De Asoboh which airs monthly.
Started writing for the Okinawa Times Warabii section translating it into Uchinaaguchi starting April, 2011.
I produced a three hours Uchinaaguchi and Uchinaan Music program for ROK radio which aired for five and half years every Sunday.